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    Pocket Lifestyle cultivates close contact to the Department for Mobile Computing at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
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    Create outstanding and useful apps by appreciating the needs and suggestions of our customers
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“Mobile Computing is not about computers any more, it is about living.”

We Are Mobile Experts

We focus on  reserach-related development of action-packed, high-quality mobile apps for all platforms. With a background in Mobile Computing, we have a lot of experience in the domain of (mobile) software engineering and pervasive computing.

We Care About HCI

With a background in Interactive Media, we can resort to profund education in the domain of Human Computer Interaction and Usability. We are experts in interaction technologies, collaborative and interactive environments as well as multimedia services.

We Work Research-Driven

The close contact to the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria provides us with access to a huge network of experts in various domains (e.g. signal processing, multimedia, security, etc.) as well as state-of-the art technologies and gadgets  before they even hit the market.

Featured Apps

GoPro CamSuite
Android Phone / Android Tablet
ScotDroid Ticket App
Android Phone
Flyable Weather
Android Phone / Android Tablet

Thank you all for the support of our products!

As we are a small network of independent, highly-motivated software developers without any funding or sponsorship, we consider your donations as your votes for new better mobile software.

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GoPro CamSuite – New Update Available